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Lor Tye DaBeast – “Hood Baby”



Today rising West Baltimore rapper Lor Tye DaBeast   drops his new energetic single “Hood Baby.” Following up the release of his mixtape Baby Goat, Lor Tye DaBeast  blesses fans with a new single that’s already picking up on the East Coast.

TiedIn Entertainment is a family affair where Lor Tye DaBeast has the full support of his family as he pursues his dreams to influence the streets with his lyrics straight out the booth.

Building a buzz with the release of songs like “Midnight in Atlanta,” “On Go” and “The One” Lor Tye DaBeast‘s catalogue is also highlighted by “Been Through” ft Rylo Rodriguez.

“I just dropped a new single called Hood Baby and plus I just dropped a tape called Baby Goat, then I got the new tape that I’m working on called The Golden Child. The title came when I was in the studio with my uncles and I just laid down a verse and I came out the booth and he was like, ‘you the golden child.’”

Living up to his name as “The Golden Child” Lor Tye DaBeast is only 19 years old but experienced in rapping and recording in the booth since the age of 15 – he actually started rapping around 11 or 12.  Lor Tye DaBeast zones out when he gets in the booth and the lyrics and stories from his life flow like street poetry over beats.

“When I’m a booth and it’s like dark, I just think about everything in my whole life. I can put my life out there without me talking about it. I can just rap it,” Lor Tye DaBeast  said. “I always looked up to the Hot Boys, Wayne, Turk, BG, Juvenile. I always wanted to be Lil Wayne and then my mother would always play singing music, R&B like Mariah or Alicia Keys. The music has always been around and it’s always been part of my life. ”

Focused on learning the business of rap music and the music industry as a whole Lor Tye DaBeast has plans to pursue music production and music business at a school eventually.

“My main goal has been to elevate every day.  But my main goal for the last 3 months of 2021 is to finish the tape, preview it and get further into the business side of music so I can understand both sides of the industry, art and business. I already taught myself the basics but I want to understand the money side to it and how I can get the money.”

Despite obstacles and the challenges of being young, the future is bright for Lor Tye DaBeast as he has some big features on the horizon to bundle with his sound.

“Me and a few artists got stuff in the works. I’m plugged in with several big names, so we are supposed to be working soon. We gonna record the songs together so it’s like I’m just planning a trip to Atlanta so we can make that happen,” Lor Tye DaBeast  said. “Golden Child is coming soon, I’m working on improving my sound and I’m still in the works of making that sound, but when the fans hear it, they gonna love what they’re hearing.”



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Vegas Artist GreezyMOB was Born To Win



Get familiar with Tee Greezy aka GreezyMOB. He’s a rising artist from west Las Vegas, Nevada. He’s been doing music for 5 years and has about 4-5 projects out now on all platforms. He come from a church raised family so hes always had music & melody around him. He has a new Project coming beginning of next year called “I Never Cared”, be on the look out.

Instagram- GreezyMOB
Facebook- Tee Greezy
Twitter – TeeGreezy3

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New Jersey’s Johnny Quest The Rebel + Cruch Calhoun Drop “Blue Diamonds”



With 2021 quickly coming to an end, Quest has decided to run into the new year on FIRE, ensuring that anyone who witnesses take notice and recognize that New Jersey is fully entrenched in the hip-hop scene.

After dropping his last EP Money Dreamz in May (earning a BET Jams placement and featuring in publications such as Flaunt Magazine and All Hip Hop), he got back in the studio quickly. His follow-up is “Blue Diamonds”, a verbal checklist to determine if you got the “glow”, even before others recognize it in you.

Blue Diamonds is a reflective look in the mirror, a reminder to all listening that pressure and experience are what build us into diamonds. With rising star producer Fatir offering cinematic-style production, Quest brings listeners into his movie. They are taking a walk in the shoes of a star, right before his rise to fame. While Blue Diamonds is a story, it’s also a warning shot, a unification of North Jersey and South Jersey that has been in the making for some time. With Cruch Calhoun, a solidified star and frequent Dave East collaborator, offering OG perspective in a chilling verse, the record takes on a different feel.

Through his last few releases, Quest has begun building his reputation as one of the emerging forces in New Jersey. With Blue Diamonds, he only continues to shine bright as a burgeoning star.

Stream it here.

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Live Johnson and The Other Day create Vibes for the Soul in the Love My Style Remix




The Ivy Productions duo of The Other Day and Live Johnson have come together to bridge a gap between Hip-Hop and the EDM Culture to uplift their audiences and celebrate the two year anniversary of the original track which features the Femcee La Madrina Pretty Girl First .
The duo of Johnson and First made an impact with 5.8k views encouraging people to accept and love themselves and accept their own uniqueness to be the boss of their own lives. As we continue to move forward the post Covid-19 pandemic The Other Day and Live Johnson are continuing to push the envelope with the Love My Style Challenge. The duo will be showcasing reels and Tiktoks using the hashtag #LoveMyStyleChallenge of everyone showing off their style and what makes them unique.
Stream Love My Style Remix Here
Stream Love My Style Here
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