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Today Dallas-based R&B talent Emaj has returned with new music for fans with his single “Supreme.” After releasing three albums in a short period of time this Texas vocalist is back again showing everyone why his sound is the truth and why there should be more attention on the bubbling hot bed of talent that’s in the Dallas Fort-Worth region.

Developing his sound in the rich delta blues region of Texas, where Jazz, Blues and R&B has deep roots, Emaj has lived all over Dallas and has a pulse on his city and its lively music scene.

“I’ve pretty much lived in every part of Dallas and lived in every part of the city.  I know a little bit about every area of the city,” Emaj explained. “The music scene here is very broad, you got your jazz and you got your rap, you got your rock, and I attend a lot of these events. A lot of these events are top notch and I feel the Dallas scene as far as music is really underrated. I advise people to come out and experience it for sure. I think it’s starting to catch a lot of people’s attention, but as far as producers I don’t think that they are underrated. The J Whites, the S-1’s and people like that are definitely getting their shine.”

When describing his sound, Emaj said that his sound is difficult to pin down but that it’s like, “a medicine cabinet to soothe your soul.”

“My sound is diverse, you can’t put my sound in one category. I look at my sound and how it impacts people and so I look at my music as medicine and the medicine cabinet is my catalogue. A person can go into my catalogue and pick out whatever they want to soothe their soul. That’s how my song ‘Something Real’ impacted people.”

According to Emaj and from what fans have said in the comments on social media the song “Something Real” had a big impact on it’s listeners and helped many people battle through tough times during the COVID-19 crisis.

“I got so many so many replies and you know, emails about how it helped people through what they were going through in life. You know, it even reached people that were incarcerated. At one point, somehow it got to them and you know when they got released they reached out and said like, “you helped me through my situation or whatever.”

The song is basically like, you have the idea of this relationship in your head and you come to find out that it’s not what you thought it will be.  I help people through relationship complications. I just help them build strength man. And that’s, that’s pretty much my whole purpose in this life is just pretty much just to bring peace, bring happiness, bring that type of energy to the soul. Because a lot of people need that, especially in these times, right?”

With his focus now shifted to album mode, Emaj is focused on releasing more music. Having spent time working on production and songwriting instead of recording new material, Emaj has a lot to get off his chest as he closes out 2021 and tries to keep the fans happy.

“I think my goals are just to release more music.  It’s been awhile since I released music. I’ve been in the studio songwriting and working in the production department lately. And, I’ve been getting a lot of DMs and a lot of emails that are like, ‘when you dropping something new?’ You know, even though I dropped like three albums literally last year,” Emaj said laughing.  “But you know people, you know, they, they want that music man and you know, that’s my plan for this year to drop three or four records before the end of the year along with some video content, the fans need that now with everything that has been going on.”

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Live Johnson and The Other Day create Vibes for the Soul in the Love My Style Remix




The Ivy Productions duo of The Other Day and Live Johnson have come together to bridge a gap between Hip-Hop and the EDM Culture to uplift their audiences and celebrate the two year anniversary of the original track which features the Femcee La Madrina Pretty Girl First .
The duo of Johnson and First made an impact with 5.8k views encouraging people to accept and love themselves and accept their own uniqueness to be the boss of their own lives. As we continue to move forward the post Covid-19 pandemic The Other Day and Live Johnson are continuing to push the envelope with the Love My Style Challenge. The duo will be showcasing reels and Tiktoks using the hashtag #LoveMyStyleChallenge of everyone showing off their style and what makes them unique.
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Stream Love My Style Here
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C Wells Rolls Around LA In “Smokers” Video



C Wells Provides The Vibes While Rolling Around LA In “Smokers” Video Single

Returning off a strong release, C Wells is back with a splash after finding himself on television and all over the internet. The young artist looks to show the finer things in life as he enjoys some shopping and good weather during his time in sunny California. Take a deeper look into the visual concept and watch as C Wells receives private calls throughout the day that might just lead to the end of his last night in LA. “Smokers” is an eye-catching visual that will have you entertained throughout as C Wells looks to make some noise with his follow up single. 

C Wells states, “At the time that I wrote smokers i was caught in a space where I was either taking myself too serious or not serious at all. Also at this time I’m dealing with fall outs, & rumors I had refused to address that’s why you hear lines like “I can’t let nobody else control my wave” & “too much threats & rumors been put on my name” these were feelings I was actually feeling but wanted to have fun expressing them it’s my way of letting my process be like therapy. 

He goes on to say, “When Me, Swaggy & J Black were shooting the video for “Smokers” all I knew was I wanted a plot twist to the video. I had to think to myself “What have I not shown my audience before ?” and what do you know the saying To Live & Die In LA came to mind then my idea came to life.”

Produced by Well Collected and Shot By Swaggyr, “Smokers” is a must watch and C Wells is certainly an artist to be on the lookout for going forward.

Social Media: @LiveFamousWells 

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Steph G ft. Rowdy Rebel “Rico”



Brooklyn! Steph G And Rowdy Rebel Connect And Unleash Video Single “RICO”

The Brooklyn rapper is bringing a new edge to the female Hip Hop scene. She has all the elements of a star, from the mesmerizing bars, her signature style and of course her model aesthetic. Steph G was already a BK hood celebrity before she started, now making her rap career a priority, it was only natural for ROWDY REBEL to want to jump on a record with her. The two NYC personalities make magic happen on the brand new video single titled, “RICO”. Check it out below and be on the lookout for more from Steph G in the near future.

Social Media: @StephG_X

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