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Caddi Kaye is coming in with the heat. Her new single “Downtown” displays her R&B vocal ability as well as sets the tone for what she’s capable of sonically. “Downtown” is a passionate ballad that displays Kaye’s vulnerable side and channels a 90s R&B love song vibe.

The North Carolina native shows no plans of slowing down. In the past, she’s worked with artists such as Derez De’Shon and Euro Gotit as part of a compilation project, and has also consistently put out singles that have served as a testament to her work ethic. “Downtown” is a passionate song that displays Kaye’s ability to weave a smooth melody with clever lyrics.

In a recent interview, when asked about what ultimately inspired her to dedicate herself to a music career, Kaye responded, “I’m a poet in motion, music chose me! I wake up dancing to some melody in my head and words come with ease. Honestly, I wouldn’t be satisfied doing anything else.”

Her passion for music is clear. In standout tracks such as “Couple Minutes,” ft. SeQuence Clark, and “Smoke With Me,” Caddi Kaye has an impressive ability to create memorable hooks and catchy melodies. She’s someone who independently has been able to create a name for herself within her city.

As far as what’s next for Caddi Kaye, she’s currently working on her EP called Overzealust, which will be out before the end of the year.

“My team & I put a lot into this one coming, I think it’ll be a big surprise for those who are just getting introduced to the music,” Kaye said.

Make sure to check out “Downtown” on all platforms and stay tuned for Overzealust!

You can also keep up with Caddi Kaye on Instagram @caddikaye.

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